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Steps to upgrade BIOS for R730 Server

  1. Download the Latest version of BIOS R730-021100.efi to C:\Temp\BIOS
  2. Create an ISO File using PowerShell Function called New-ISOFile from
$Source_Dir = "C:\Temp\BIOS"
Get-ChildItem $Source_Dir | New-ISOFile -path C:\Temp\BIOS\Dell.iso
  1. Login to Dell IDRAC and open the Virtual Console. Mount the Dell.iso file as Virtual Media

  1. Select Next Boot – BIOS Boot Manager

  1. Reboot Server and Select System Utilities

  1. Select BIOS Update File Explorer

  1. Select Virtual Optical Drive and browse to R730-0.EFI

  1. Click Continue BIOS Update


  1. Wait for the BIOS Update to complete and reboot

  1. Verify that BIOS had been upgraded to the latest version

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